16 December 2009

Visit to Australia for Le Cheile and Off Straits. Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney

Recent visit to Australia was very productive visiting major art galleries in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney whilst taking part in exhibitions Off Straits and Le Cheile. Breakfast meeting with artists including left to right Trevor Wren, Dani McLean, myself, Gavin Malone, Lucy Thurley, Veronica Calarco, Suzanne Laslett and Craig Marsden. Full report of the Le Cheile can be found on the a-n site Artists Talking Project Unedited. Click on the title above for visit photo set. Celtica festival was very successful with visual art exhibitons taking place throughout Port Adelaide at the same time as Le Cheile at New Land Gallery, featuring large drawing/print work and screeprints. Off Straits featured several of the acrylics on paper made for the exhibition.