15 January 2012


Concept of the project from the organiser: Stoppage complex as a standart and functional object is always against its surroundings. This man-triggered gap is now softened by using transparent partitioning in modern design, through them you can see the surroundings. Unfortunately futuristic design of stoppage complexes in Perm together with semi transparent plastic they are made from, have made stops modern, but rather tight environmental objects. This entire “figures of silence” we want to turn into the objects of active communication. Stoppage complexes in Perm will be transformed into a field for representation of art, namely “П-stoppage – 3” of new ideas, images, feelings. This experiment allows not only to create another one route for the contemporary art in Perm, but also to formulate new expectations and tasks for functional objects from the city. Concept of the artwork: ODYSSEYBased on the classical Greek poem, the story of Odysseus journey is transferred visually into 6 separate stops along a given route through the city: LOTOPHAGI, POLYTHEMUS, NEKUIA, SIRENS, THRINACIA, ITHACA. Designs are printed with inkjet onto transparent film for adhesion to the stop. Click here to view the series. From this proposal Ithaca was chosen in the first round and with the initial plan of 119 stops due to increase to 600, the others may follow for printing. Museum of Contemporery Art PERMM, within the Public art Program realisation. Perm Center of Developement of Design.