21 October 2012

Past, Present, Future: 10 years of the Regional Print Centre

A celebration of work by Regional Print Centre patrons, associates and members from the past 10 years.
This 10th Birthday retrospective exhibition (Oriel Wrecsam, 6th October - 1st December 2012) and publication has been curated by the Regional Print Centre Coordinator Jim Creed and celebrates the artists who have contributed to the success of Centre over the past decade. It showcases the diversity, development and innovation of printmaking as a creative process whilst highlighting the traditional roots of the medium. Screenprint Orange Level features in the exhibiton, made at RPC and toured extensively in South Australia with Le Chiele Wales/Ireland Print making exhchange (see previous post).

15 October 2012

Bangor University Degree Show Film

Andrew talks about the programme in a film commisioned by Pontio and made by Culture Colony. The film features four graduates from 2012 talking about their work in the Bangor Museum and Art gallery. the film is made and edited by Pete Telfer of Culture Colony.
(Film no longer available as Culture Colony is closed).