23 April 2013


The final stage of Oceanus and digitalisation for transfer to the banner. In painting the final parts a close brush line movement closed the surface of the interlacing bands of colour. The underlying elements are concealed and only part of their function as lines can be seen. Undercurrent of movements are apparent, but only partially clear. Then each painting is divided into four sections for photography and then rejoined to form the complete banner with Oceanus 2 being rotated 180 degrees. I have kept the edges of the painting because they really make the banner into an artwork. To do this, I had to stretch the painting because with the extra bit on each side, it did not fit the template.

11 April 2013

OCEANUS Continuation - Two Stages

The two paintings that will form both sides of the banner for the ’Wavy banners’ 2013 with ET4U, Denmark are continuing...latest can be seen here with two further stages