01 December 2015



Real Time
Art from Wales
11 dicembre 2015 - 30 gennaio 2016
inaugurazione venerdì 11 dicembre 2015 alle ore 19.30

Venerdì 11 dicembre alle ore 19.30, il CAM presenta Real Time_Art from Wales,  a cura di Angela Davies e Antonio Manfredi, undici artisti gallesi, per la prima volta  in Italia, che esplorano l’alterazione dei confini dei mondi geografici attraverso il web.
Nella completa disattenzione, ormai atavica, delle istituzioni, nel continuo tentativo di cancellare una presenza scomoda e ritenuta non proficua, nella consapevolezza di una mentalità della “non cultura” e dopo le ennesime difficoltà strutturali, non del tutto risolte, il museo di Casoria continua la propria programmazione con eventi d’eccellenza internazionale.

La mostra si propone di analizzare il flusso contemporaneo di idee e di comunicazione che sfalsa i livelli di percezione del reale spostando artisti e opere lungo i canali digitali.
In Real Time i limiti del tangibile estetico sfumano, la connessione tra informazioni e opere d’arte arriva ad essere paragonabile al “virale” trasformando la rete nel luogo in cui si svolge la pratica dell’arte contemporanea.
Lattex, oggetti d’uso quotidiano, improvvisazione musicale, performance, disegno, pittura, fotografia e video sono i linguaggi usati da John Brown, Andrew Smith, Angela Davies, Ant Dickinson, Eli Acheson Elmassry, Finola Gaynor, Jessica Lloyd Jones, Lindsey Colbourne, Mark Eaglen, Neil Powell, Wanda Zyborska che aprono una finestra su una produzione, quella gallese, tutta da godere al CAM fino al 30 gennaio 2016.

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Real Time
Art from Wales
December 11, 2015 - January 30, 2016
Opening Friday, December 11, 2015 at 19:30

Friday, December 11 at 19.30, the CAM Museum present ‘Real Time’_an exhibition of art from Wales, curated by Angela Davies and Antonio Manfredi.  Eleven Wales artists, affiliated to ICAW Documented Art Space Wales, will be engaged in exploring ways to connect and share visual art experiences. Connecting across geographic distances in real-time, complementing and expanding the real space exhibition at CAM Casoria Contemporary Art Museum using REAL-TIME Skype to make world-wide connections.  In the present global economic crisis REAL-TIME Skype connection is a Low Cost – Low Carbon – High Tech means of connecting with the world.

The Wales artists will be showing work for the first time in Italy. CAM has a big International profile developed by CAM Artist/Curator/Director Antonio Manfredi. CAM has been at the forefront in developing cross - cultural experiences through projects that support artists’ mobility.

Artists bring cross-sectoral experiences beyond public media, and raise issues without a unified political agenda.  All adding a substantial dynamic to a creative culture required for a successful economy in the 21st century.  CAM Casoria Contemporary Art Museum has a successful record over the years of mounting a programme of visual arts events of International excellence.

Over the period of the ‘REAL TIME’ exhibition there are works to engage the audience in the contemporary flow of ideas connecting and participating in the visual arts simultaneously in Italy and Wales.  Real Time limits of traditional beauty and aesthetics fade, as the new media invites new boundaries for a critique to be explored. The ‘viral’ nature of constant development of new IT communication platforms has changed the nature  of the connection between information and artwork  transforming the network into ‘New Art Media’ as Practice and exhibition space.

Musical improvisation, sculpture, performance, drawing, painting, photography, video, art and language, are represented in the works  of: John Brown, Andrew Smith, Angela Davies, Ant Dickinson, Eli Acheson Elmassry, Finola Gaynor, Jessica Lloyd Jones, Lindsey Colbourne, Mark Eaglen, Neil Powell,
Wanda Zyborska.

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23 November 2015


Drawing after Thomas Jones. September 2015. Andrew Smith. Mixed Media on paper 120 x 210cm approx

For this part of the project I would like to make digital video and photographic work of the area around Castel Nuovo and the roofline of the Palazzo Reale. Having focused on the geometry in the painting, the new works would focus on contemporary city aspect with moving image.

My proposal is to present the drawing study in Casoria Contemporary Art Museum with a reproduction of the Jones painting and the new digital work. The new digital work would be recently made on site and unedited. 
This part of the project would need to be completed by April 2016.
But now the project idea has now formed part of the ICAW exhibition and the drawing will be shown in December. Films on location will be made for a later digital film based artwork.

One day pop up installation of drawing work, Jones reproduction, digital video and photographic work (tablet or projector) at Casoria Contemporary Art Museum. Photographic recording of the event; reflective commentary and development of digital record and artwork to feature in the exhibition September 2016.

Context response to Jones for the project:
“The painting however, that caught my eye was one that I had seen before but forgotten. Buildings in Naples, with the North-East Side of the Castel Nuovo 1782.
This was an outstanding painting and the colour resonated across its surface with deep greens, greys and blues and ochres all in an orchestration of composition. I was so thrilled to see that it was one of the National Museum Cardiff collection paintings and therefore eligible for the project! It also is of a defined place in Naples. Rather than anonymous buildings and corners or walls this was an identifiable place that I might possibly visit for location work. This would be difficult for many of the Naples works as they were of course (and as is intrinsically part of their understated power) anonymous views of the backstreets, but this might be possible with two distinct spires and the corner of the Castel Nuovo and the roofline of the Palazzo Reale”. Andrew Smith March 2015
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