31 May 2016

Line of Wool - El Arreciado International Wool Sculpture Symposium

Line of Wool. Artwork for El Arreciado V International Wool Sculpture Symposium May 2016

My intention was to explore wool as a drawing medium. To do this I thought of using lines of wool across the ground and over bushes or trees. On site at El Arreciado the stone wall was immediately recognised as being relevant for the process by providing a 'pictorial canvas' on which to work with the inherent sculptural quality from its construction. (Stone walls are something I am very familiar with living in Wales and part of my visual consciousness of the environment). In the event and not knowing what to expect of the wool as a medium for making line, I found a pliable material able to stretch over stones and bend around corners and being strong enough to tie itself. It is rich and varied in colour.

The wall was south facing and during the day the sunlight shifted from one side to another; this is in part exposed by the film that reveals the effect of the wool standing away from the wall and itself casting a shadow from one side to another, further illustrating the 3D sculptural nature of the line. The film is very much to do with light. I see the film as part documentary but also as a work in its own right; the wool having been now repacked for agricultural purpose.